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U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Jachin Padilla

US Marine veteran Jachin Padilla lived for years with undiagnosed PTSD and managed the symptoms by self-medicating – until he got tired of being sick and tired. He came to Alpha Omega after he finished a 90-day substance abuse program at the VA Medical Center at Memphis.  He was hired by the IT Department at the VA and moved into permanent housing at Alpha Omega. “I wake up every day with a purpose – I am a functioning member of society again.” After four plus years of sobriety, he reconnected with the love of his life and they are expecting a child. “I’m excited to work toward being the best husband and father I can be.” 

U.S. Army Veteran
Melvin Williams

After years of trying to stay sober and out of trouble on his own, US Army veteran Melvin Williams came home and checked into the VA Medical Center at Memphis substance abuse program. For the first time in many years he understood what sobriety was all about. When it was time to leave the VA, he asked to be placed into a program that would help him maintain & grow in his sobriety. He was referred to Alpha Omega Veterans Services in 2004.

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