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Alpha Omega provides a transitional 60-day housing program for the hardest to serve homeless veteran.  This placement may be extended for up a year.

The Transitional Housing program specifically targets that group of veterans who are chronically homeless and resists contact with most services. This program serves “the hardest of the hard” in an effort to establish an entry point for them into systems they have resisted and/or have been unable to successfully benefit from.
Residency in this program provides to these hard-to-reach and serve veterans a period of time to re-develop some of the social and coping skills necessary to maintain their sobriety, access and effectively take advantage of supportive services. Successful entry into and participation in the Transitional Housing Program by these hard to reach homeless veterans serves as a path into longer-term housing and supportive services, with the goal of permanent housing and reintegration into society as a productive citizen.
A wide variety of services are available to veterans while they are in the Transitional Housing Program.  Clinical staff are onsite during normal working hours to provide needed services.  Clients also access more services through staff referrals to other community agencies.

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