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Alpha Omega provides permanent supportive housing to vulnerable veterans who have had severe issues maintaining stable housing.  Veterans participating in these programs could experience one or more of the following:  disability, severe mental illness and/or substance abuse issues, depression, traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder. This program is beneficial for the chronically homeless veterans who are unable to succeed in more traditional housing programs.
The goal of permanent housing is to reduce chronic homelessness among veterans who face any one or a multitude of severe challenges.  Permanent housing provides affordable, secure and stable housing to homeless veterans and provides case management support to create a sound and viable personal lifestyle that builds a foundation on which each client can successfully re-integrate into society.  This foundation includes the ability to attain employment and other daily activities to restore effective social and occupational functioning.  Veterans enrolled in the program reside in private rooms or apartments.  Central spaces provide venues for group meetings and socialization. There are also outdoor gathering facilities for veterans to enjoy when the weather is suitable.

All of our clients are not able to gain employment.  The supplementary goal of the program is to assist veterans in applying and acquiring a form of stable income when moving into permanent housing.  Income may include social security, disability, Veteran's benefits, pension, etc.


We stress and support a clean and sober living environment. All participants have daily responsibilities that also contribute to fostering of community, teamwork and responsibility.  We have found when veterans devote themselves to these lifestyle changes, the success rate of them staying in housing greatly increase.


Clinical staff are onsite during normal working hours to provide needed services and is on call 24 hours a day.  Clients also access more services through staff referrals to other community agencies.

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