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U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Jachin Padilla

Jachin Padilla.jpeg

U.S. Marine veteran Jachin Padilla lived for years with undiagnosed PTSD and managed the symptoms by self-medicating – until he got tired of being sick and tired. He checked in to the VA Medical Center at Memphis’ 90-day Substance Abuse Recovery Program (SARP). Thus began his healing and road to recovery.


Near the completion of the VA program, he met Alpha Omega Veterans Services’ Program Manager Richard Packard and came to live at Vinton transitional housing. With the help of Richard’s counseling, sobriety meetings and the support of Alpha Omega & VA Memphis, he began living the “one day at a time” and focusing on the present. He is grateful for the way Alpha Omega & the VA Memphis worked together to provide him with the tools that changed his life for the better


Soon he was hired to work in the IT Department at Memphis VA and was able to move into permanent housing at Alpha Omega’s Court apartments. “I wake up every day with a purpose – I am a functioning member of society again,” he states. The housing & supportive services provided by Alpha Omega and the VA Memphis were the stepping stones he needed to fully reintegrate back into society.


Continuing his trajectory of growth, he is leaving Alpha Omega to relocate to his home-state of California for employment opportunities, in addition to personal reasons. “I reconnected with the love of my life and we are expecting a baby girl,” he said, “I am excited to work toward being the best husband and father I can be.” After four plus years of sobriety, he is determined to continue his growth in sober living and looking forward to his bright future with a new family.

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