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Cordell Walker

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Retired Executive Director (Dec. 2023)

Since 1988, Cordell Walker has dedicated his time to Alpha Omega as the first Executive Director.

Cordell has served on numerous boards and committees regarding issues concerning homeless and disabled individuals, especially our veterans. Serving over 15,000 veterans throughout his career, Cordell worked relentlessly on serving the specific needs of our military veterans. Before coming to Memphis, Cordell worked in Seattle, Washington with the Vietnam relief program. He assisted expatriates leaving Vietnam to assimilate to American life starting with food, shelter, clothing and getting acclimated to the school systems.


He holds a Bachelor's degree in Counselor Education from The University of Iowa and a Master's degree in Counselor Education from Penn State University specializing in behavior modification. Although Cordell has received the 2013 Memphis City Council Humanitarian Award, the Spark Legacy Award (2023) and honored by the U.S. House of Representatives (2023), he remains a humble servant and will always be a part of the mission of Alpha Omega, “Helping Veterans Help Themselves”, and continues to put the well-being of our veterans above all.

In honor of his more than 35 years of dedicated service, the new 2023 headquarters has been named the Cordell Walker Veterans Center.

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