Permanent housing for thirty-two veterans

Court Ave

The Court Avenue program provides permanent supportive housing for up to 32 veterans who have been chronically homeless and experiencing severe and persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.

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Transitional housing for veterans


Established in 2005, the program at our Vinton Ave facility provides transitional supportive housing for up to 16 chronically homeless and/or disabled veterans who may suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse.

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Permanent congregate housing for thirty-two veterans

Depot Townhomes

This facility consists of a complex of townhomes for homeless veterans with disabilities. This facility provides housing for up to 32 veterans in a congregate setting.

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Home for veterans who need hospice and palliative care

Life House

The Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc. Life House is our facility for medically fragile and end of life veterans who need palliative or hospice care.

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Permanent supportive housing for ten veterans

Depot SRO

The Defense Depot facility is a ten-unit studio apartment facility for chronically homeless veterans who are unable to succeed in more traditional housing programs and are the “hardest to serve” population.

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Alpha Omega's initial program and transitional housing

Madison Ave

Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc.'s Transitional Housing Program provides a 30 day stay for the hardest to serve homeless veteran.

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