Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc., is made up of dedicated staff members and volunteers. We are proud that our team has a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, and acumen to meet the needs of our organization. It’s essential that each person involved with AOVS understands the mission of supporting our veterans and has a heart for community service.

Our dedicated staff, works diligently to maintain our core programming aimed to help reintegrate veterans back into society. Our volunteers work closely together to implement programming and fundraising events to help support AOVS. Our volunteers are also crucial in helping to subsidize the on-going needs of AOVS. Please meet our team by program below:

Alpha Omega Board of Directors

AOVS Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc. is charged with the responsibility for managing the business affairs of the non-profit corporation.

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While these people are not in an active leadership role, the wealth of knowledge and experience they posess are invaluable to AOVS.

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